Thursday, May 31, 2012

Women you should NOT date

If her skin color in her face is darker than her skin color in her neck. You should not date her. She wears too much make up and you might wake up next to one ugly duck.

If she smokes cigarettes DO NOT date her. First of all a pack of cigarettes are expensive as fuck. And you will be spending all your money on her because she is broke all the time. Second her mouth will taste like an ashtray.

Don’t date girls that have had their boobs done. There is a big chance that she wants to change more things about her body, which will cost you shit loads of money. Also if she has had her boobs done she is totally insecure or she has too much self-confidence.

Do never ever date your best friend’s sister, mum, ex-girlfriend, or other close related persons. This will ruin your relationship with your best friend. You don’t want your sexual performances being discussed at the dinner table either. And you are not able to discuss girl trouble with your best friend anymore.

Do never date your ex-girlfriend. Remember the day that she dumped you? She rejected you, she turned you down. You can give that same feeling back to her if she makes a move on you. You should not date her either because all the old fights you had will return.


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