Friday, May 25, 2012

Five tips about texting a girl

Five tips about texting a girl

  1. Only call a girl if it is an inquiry about hanging out or going on a date. 
  2. Do NOT – ASK – her out. Don’t make it sound like a question. Make it sound as a “command”. A perfect phrase would be: ‘I am having a party at my place tonight, you should come’.
  3.  If you text a girl and she doesn’t text you back, you better not fucking text her for at least 3 days. If she doesn’t reply for the second time, forget her, or wait for her to text you.

  4. You like the girl you are texting? Never reply with one or two words. Make every text interesting and make it very easy for the conversation to continue
  5. If a girl is interested in a guy, most prefer to talk side by side with them. If a guy is interested in a girl they prefer to talk face to face. Use this to your advantage
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