Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Basic tips to get better with women

10 Basic tips to get better with women

These 10 basic tips will help you to get better with women. These first 10 tips are tips on physical appearance. Some do's and don'ts about how you dress and appear!

  1. Ever been near someone or hugged someone and they told you that you smelled good? No? Invest in some colgone. Not axe deodorant, not old spice spray but some good Eau de Toilette like for instance Georgio Armani or Hugo Boss. Using a transparant deodorant in combination with some good colgogne is better than using way too smelly deodorant.
  2. So tip two would be using a neutral smelling deodorant or anti-transparant. Sweat makes you smell bad. Use deodorant to neutrolize your sweat scent and use cologne to 'just smell nice'. 
  3. On the topic of sweating, if you tend to sweat a lot buy some high quality 100% cotton undershirts. Don't get the thin ones, but the cotton ones that can absorb the sweat. 
  4. If you wear a button up shirt, DO wear an undershirt. 
  5. Buy a nice leather belt. Its a great accesory that makes you look less average or normal.
  6. Don't go with the 'I am a rich guy'-look. Buying Rolexes and jeans of 500$ will attract the wrong type of women. It is also unfair to the poor bastards in Africa. But you SHOULD buy nice clothes. Jeans should be between 80-100$. Shoes should not be more than 100$ either. 
  7. NEVER ever wear a bluetooth earset. It makes you look like a retard.
  8. Do not wear scarves. Unless you are into men.
  9. Have smelly feet? Wash them with soap everyday. Also when you get out of the shower, step on a fresh towel so you won't get the same bacteries on them like you had before.
  10. Never shave your genital area completely. Trimm the upper areas, shave the shaft and balls. Don't look like an uderage kid by shaving everything. Don't look like a fucking monkey by NOT shaving.


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