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Flirting by a conversation

Flirting by a conversation

Flirting is showing that you are available to a woman. More specific it is about arousing a woman’s interest. It is about making her imagine the two of you being together. Keep this in mind. When it comes to flirting with a woman many men make the most common mistake of all, which is being too direct. The best way to keep a woman intrigued is by being subtle and secretive. 

Flirting is something that comes from both sides. Take a look at the following conversation. A girl says she ‘loves men with abs’. The easiest way for a man is to pull up his shirt and show his abdominals. This would be giving in too fast, the fun would be spoiled because you have already matched yourself up to her standards. Something more subtle and fun would be replying with: ‘it is too fast in our relationship to say that you love me’. She will probably have to think about your phrase and will reply with something like this: ‘do you have a sixpack, show me?’. 

Flirting is taking dominance
By replying with one simple line you have gained her interest. The trick is to be secretive, funny and keeping the conversation going. She wants you to show your abs. Again, don’t give in immediately. The best reply would be: ‘I wouldn't normally show my abs, but for such a beautiful girl like you I would like to make an exception. But what do I get in return?’. She could ‘trade’ and show her belly (or something else :) )to you in return for you showing your abs. Or you could trade, showing your abs, for her phone number or something like that. Don’t overdo it. Be subtle.

The main point is that you’ve got leverage; you’ve got something SHE wants. You have switched roles. Instead of you pursuing her, she’s pursuing you. You have taken command and have become the dominant person.

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