Saturday, May 26, 2012

The right bodybuilding program

The right bodybuilding program

Get started

Great - you have made a decision to try out body building. Perhaps you would like to create mass, shrink your waistline or slim down; these are all achievable with weight training. Whatever the reason (you should write down your goals, expectations and what you hope to achieve in the near or long future) you must stick to a clearly defined program in order to become an Alpha!


The proper program

Could there be a single program that is suitable for anyone? Nope. Do you actually expect to have - that one - routine that would serve the needs of a 40 year old constructionworker, the 20 year old woman that wants to become fit, or the 15 year old teenager that wants to become stronger? Everybody who works out has unique motives, wishes and genetic potential, and everyone must make their own changes in putting together a particular custom program. It is actually not difficult. But before starting, here are a few facts you have to take into account.

Bodybuilders exercise by body part and train only one group of muscles at one time. Working one are with 1-3 exercises helps to ensure that you train it thoroughly. Experience states that this kind of exercising is easily the most efficient for muscle building.

Every main group of muscles needs to be developed to avoid muscle disproportion and the potential risk of injuries. The main groups of muscles include your legs (hamstrings, quadriceps calves), your chest, your shoulders, your back (lats &Trapezius), abs and your arms (biceps & triceps).

I have found great training programs on This link will take you right away to the programs & exercise section of the website. Remember, bodybuilding takes time. You don't just go one time to the gym. It takes effort, pain, sweat and tears to get that alpha body! Good luck!


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