Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Using water to lose weight

Using water to lose weight

1. Drink enough water. First how to lose weight fast tip is that your body needs a lot of water so give in to water. Water is not just a way to flush out toxin but if you have more water in your body you will feel more healthy and fitter. This will also discourage any tendency to gorge. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all.

2. Begin your morning with a pint of water. As soon as you wake up, choke a glass of cool water. It’s a great way to start your morning and you only need a lesser quantity of your breakfast drink after that. A glass of water lets out all your digestive juices and sort of cleans the insides of your body. You could have your morning glass of tea but have it after a glass of water. It is good for you.

3. Drink some water before you start your meal. Water naturally needs some space in your body so that you feel fuller without having to stuff yourself.

4. Have another glass of water while during your meal. Again this is another great - how to lose weight fast - tip and a way of making yourself full, another great weight loss tip, so that you can actually rise from the dinner table eating less but feeling full just the same.

5. Stay away from sweetened bottle drinks, especially sodas like coke. All those colas and other soda drinks are sweetened with sugar and aspartame and sugar contains lots and lots of calories. The more you can cut out on these sweetened drinks, the better.


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