Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting a girl's number

Getting a girl's number

Pick the right target. 
This is the most crucial step. You don't want to go after the overly present girls. But you should go after the shy ones. Shy girls are the easiest because they aren't used to getting attention. So if you give them attention, compliments and make it seem like you are interested you will have the best chance of getting her number. 

Your first phrase. 
This is making it or breaking it. If you just say 'hi' and an awkward silence follows you are not getting where you want to be. If you use one of those lame opening lines like 'you're a thief, you stole my heart', you aren't going to get her number either. The best way to have a decent conversation is by having something in common. If you are in the same class or you are colleagues ask about the assignment or projects she's working on. Just start the conversation. The flirting will come after that. 

Eyecontact and smiling. 
While talking to her, look her in the eyes and smile, A LOT. Don't laugh like you have just heard the best joke ever, but just smile. Show your beautiful teeth. If you are too shy to look her in the eyes then look at her eyebrows or her nose bridge. It will seem like you are looking her in the eyes.

Paying compliment has to be subtle. As I wrote earlier in one of my posts aboutflirting; you should be subtle. So if you pay a compliment don’t overdo it. Something like ‘have you dyed your hair?’, she will probably reply with ‘no, I haven’t’, and you’ll chat back with ‘oh, because it looks amazing’. This is really basic. Do NEVER pay a compliment about her weight or figure in the sense of ‘losing weight’. This is like asking a girl’s size, don’t. A good way of complimenting her figure would be if she’s drinking diet coke ‘you don’t need the diet coke, you’ve got a beautiful slim body already’. 

Getting her number

Getting her number. 
After you two have had a good – and light – conversation about all the happy and simple stuff. And you have flirted with her, paid her compliments and you think she likes you, you should get her number. I am talking about GETTING, not ASKING. Why? As I wrote earlier in one of my posts, asking is asking to get turned down. You’ve got to be alpha at this point. The best way to get her number is to say something like ‘I have had a great time talking to you, if you give me your number perhaps we could get a drink sometimes’. This line may sound a bit cocky, but trust me it works because you show dominance. And since you went after the shy girl she is most likely not to reject your demand of her phone number

Good luck!


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