Thursday, May 31, 2012

Women you should NOT date

If her skin color in her face is darker than her skin color in her neck. You should not date her. She wears too much make up and you might wake up next to one ugly duck.

If she smokes cigarettes DO NOT date her. First of all a pack of cigarettes are expensive as fuck. And you will be spending all your money on her because she is broke all the time. Second her mouth will taste like an ashtray.

Don’t date girls that have had their boobs done. There is a big chance that she wants to change more things about her body, which will cost you shit loads of money. Also if she has had her boobs done she is totally insecure or she has too much self-confidence.

Do never ever date your best friend’s sister, mum, ex-girlfriend, or other close related persons. This will ruin your relationship with your best friend. You don’t want your sexual performances being discussed at the dinner table either. And you are not able to discuss girl trouble with your best friend anymore.

Do never date your ex-girlfriend. Remember the day that she dumped you? She rejected you, she turned you down. You can give that same feeling back to her if she makes a move on you. You should not date her either because all the old fights you had will return.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Having conversations with women

Having conversations with women

I've found it personally very hard to be social among women. As you might know it takes practice. I will give you some basic tips in this post how to become more socially active with women. Best way is to just talk about random stuff, newsfacts etc. 'I've heard that facebook's stock was really over hyped'. This is how you learn to feel comfortable among women, and you will find out that they are not some aliens from another planet. Talking also gives good info about the girl, if she's intellectual or just an airhead. So talking is the key. Not texting or any internet-related activities. Why? Because of emotions. If you text 'I hate you'. It could mean that you really hate her, it could be sarcastic, it could be funny or it could be positive. There are many different interpretations possible. Via texting, you are not able to send emotions. This is why talking to girls is so important.

You might think, why should I talk to all girls, even the ugly ones? Well, lets be honest, if you'd be really ugly, you would like to have the social contacts aswel. So be friendly and be kind to all women. Women talk - behind your back - about you with eachother. If you are being a dick, it spreads faster than the forest fires in Australia. Besides, most ugly girls have hot friends which you are able to hookup with after you've met on birthdays and parties. This is a great way to build as I formulated 'a female network'. The ugly friend will introduce you to hot girl A. Hot girl A has multiple hot friends A, B and C. This is how the piramid works.

So you've managed to get yourself a female network... ALWAYS say hi. This is a way of showing - not only - respect, but it'll also look like you've got a lot of friends. Girls digg men that have a lot of social contacts. Also, it feels awesome when you walk down the hall at school; and everybody says hi to you. Many social contacts will give you great respect from other girls, some might even feel threatened and want you even more. So this is a win win situation. But again I cannot emphasize more; TALKING is the key.

Be socially active
Be socially active

Conversations are so important. As I wrote, talking about random stuff or shared interests is fine. DO NOT EVER talk about computer stuff. So don't yell across the room to your friends 'Yo Bros, I've been coding some C++ and I heard that you are doing some PHP, can we compile those two together into an exe?'. This is a dealbraker. Also don't talk about your WoW shit. She's not interested in that. It makes you look like a complete nolifer since there are no girls on WoW. When talking, talk decent, speak your native language as you should. Dun be talkin like dis brah. Showing intelligence and manners is fine, but don't over do it. Don't bragg about your grades and don't correct her in every scentence.

This should help you. Try talking to girls, ugly ones, beautiful ones, old and young women. Show your face, be nice. Good luck!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting a girl's number

Getting a girl's number

Pick the right target. 
This is the most crucial step. You don't want to go after the overly present girls. But you should go after the shy ones. Shy girls are the easiest because they aren't used to getting attention. So if you give them attention, compliments and make it seem like you are interested you will have the best chance of getting her number. 

Your first phrase. 
This is making it or breaking it. If you just say 'hi' and an awkward silence follows you are not getting where you want to be. If you use one of those lame opening lines like 'you're a thief, you stole my heart', you aren't going to get her number either. The best way to have a decent conversation is by having something in common. If you are in the same class or you are colleagues ask about the assignment or projects she's working on. Just start the conversation. The flirting will come after that. 

Eyecontact and smiling. 
While talking to her, look her in the eyes and smile, A LOT. Don't laugh like you have just heard the best joke ever, but just smile. Show your beautiful teeth. If you are too shy to look her in the eyes then look at her eyebrows or her nose bridge. It will seem like you are looking her in the eyes.

Paying compliment has to be subtle. As I wrote earlier in one of my posts aboutflirting; you should be subtle. So if you pay a compliment don’t overdo it. Something like ‘have you dyed your hair?’, she will probably reply with ‘no, I haven’t’, and you’ll chat back with ‘oh, because it looks amazing’. This is really basic. Do NEVER pay a compliment about her weight or figure in the sense of ‘losing weight’. This is like asking a girl’s size, don’t. A good way of complimenting her figure would be if she’s drinking diet coke ‘you don’t need the diet coke, you’ve got a beautiful slim body already’. 

Getting her number

Getting her number. 
After you two have had a good – and light – conversation about all the happy and simple stuff. And you have flirted with her, paid her compliments and you think she likes you, you should get her number. I am talking about GETTING, not ASKING. Why? As I wrote earlier in one of my posts, asking is asking to get turned down. You’ve got to be alpha at this point. The best way to get her number is to say something like ‘I have had a great time talking to you, if you give me your number perhaps we could get a drink sometimes’. This line may sound a bit cocky, but trust me it works because you show dominance. And since you went after the shy girl she is most likely not to reject your demand of her phone number

Good luck!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flirting by a conversation

Flirting by a conversation

Flirting is showing that you are available to a woman. More specific it is about arousing a woman’s interest. It is about making her imagine the two of you being together. Keep this in mind. When it comes to flirting with a woman many men make the most common mistake of all, which is being too direct. The best way to keep a woman intrigued is by being subtle and secretive. 

Flirting is something that comes from both sides. Take a look at the following conversation. A girl says she ‘loves men with abs’. The easiest way for a man is to pull up his shirt and show his abdominals. This would be giving in too fast, the fun would be spoiled because you have already matched yourself up to her standards. Something more subtle and fun would be replying with: ‘it is too fast in our relationship to say that you love me’. She will probably have to think about your phrase and will reply with something like this: ‘do you have a sixpack, show me?’. 

Flirting is taking dominance
By replying with one simple line you have gained her interest. The trick is to be secretive, funny and keeping the conversation going. She wants you to show your abs. Again, don’t give in immediately. The best reply would be: ‘I wouldn't normally show my abs, but for such a beautiful girl like you I would like to make an exception. But what do I get in return?’. She could ‘trade’ and show her belly (or something else :) )to you in return for you showing your abs. Or you could trade, showing your abs, for her phone number or something like that. Don’t overdo it. Be subtle.

The main point is that you’ve got leverage; you’ve got something SHE wants. You have switched roles. Instead of you pursuing her, she’s pursuing you. You have taken command and have become the dominant person.

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What really helped me is the book 'The Manual; What Women Want', written by W. Anton. The Manual is the ultimate and only guide to getting girls, and to understand women once and for all.You can learn to get ANY girl you want, the same way that all men who are naturally good with women have. The only difference is that you may learn it much FASTER. So if I may reccomend a book it should be The Manual.

Good luck!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The right bodybuilding program

The right bodybuilding program

Get started

Great - you have made a decision to try out body building. Perhaps you would like to create mass, shrink your waistline or slim down; these are all achievable with weight training. Whatever the reason (you should write down your goals, expectations and what you hope to achieve in the near or long future) you must stick to a clearly defined program in order to become an Alpha!


The proper program

Could there be a single program that is suitable for anyone? Nope. Do you actually expect to have - that one - routine that would serve the needs of a 40 year old constructionworker, the 20 year old woman that wants to become fit, or the 15 year old teenager that wants to become stronger? Everybody who works out has unique motives, wishes and genetic potential, and everyone must make their own changes in putting together a particular custom program. It is actually not difficult. But before starting, here are a few facts you have to take into account.

Bodybuilders exercise by body part and train only one group of muscles at one time. Working one are with 1-3 exercises helps to ensure that you train it thoroughly. Experience states that this kind of exercising is easily the most efficient for muscle building.

Every main group of muscles needs to be developed to avoid muscle disproportion and the potential risk of injuries. The main groups of muscles include your legs (hamstrings, quadriceps calves), your chest, your shoulders, your back (lats &Trapezius), abs and your arms (biceps & triceps).

I have found great training programs on This link will take you right away to the programs & exercise section of the website. Remember, bodybuilding takes time. You don't just go one time to the gym. It takes effort, pain, sweat and tears to get that alpha body! Good luck!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Five tips about texting a girl

Five tips about texting a girl

  1. Only call a girl if it is an inquiry about hanging out or going on a date. 
  2. Do NOT – ASK – her out. Don’t make it sound like a question. Make it sound as a “command”. A perfect phrase would be: ‘I am having a party at my place tonight, you should come’.
  3.  If you text a girl and she doesn’t text you back, you better not fucking text her for at least 3 days. If she doesn’t reply for the second time, forget her, or wait for her to text you.

  4. You like the girl you are texting? Never reply with one or two words. Make every text interesting and make it very easy for the conversation to continue
  5. If a girl is interested in a guy, most prefer to talk side by side with them. If a guy is interested in a girl they prefer to talk face to face. Use this to your advantage
Pretty woman

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is THE Alpha-Male

What is the ideal Alpha-Male?

  1. An alpha-male does not look for women's approval. 
  2. He's not arrogant, just self-confident.  
  3. He has this intrinsic self-confidence what makes him feel that you'll like him since other persons do.
  4. He isn't a jerk who rejects and disrespect persons but he acts when he thinks he's right.  
  5. He does not need to answer to anyone in getting what he wants.  
  6. An alpha-male doesn't put women on a ridiculous stand.  
  7. He is convinced that if a lady rejects him, it's  her  loss instead of his. 
  8. He doesn't talk in public about the girls he banged.
  9. An Alpha-Male does NOT say sorry nor points out his behavior, simply because he's entirely confident with the way he is.  
  10. He does not purchase speedy vehicles and rolex wristwatches to make an impression on females because he doesn't have to  try  to make an impression.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The path to weightloss

The path to weightloss

The path to weight loss is amazingly easy, you just need to take your time. Slow weight loss is far more successful and useful, than rapid weight loss. Yes, slow and gradual weight loss is the best way to go if you want to keep off the extra weight. Surgical procedure to produce rapid loss of weight is really a serious undertaking and brings in a number of risks. Therefore losing weight should be slow and gradual. It should be a change in lifestyle instead of losing it fast and gaining it later.

It's generally about nutrition and exercise, these are also crucial parts of staying generally healthy. You must know that weight loss is just a matter of consistently being below your calorie maintenance level. This can be accomplished by exercises and eating healthy.

Food - and eating healthy - is a necessity of life, we need it to survive. A proper diet plan should provide almost all of the crucial nutrients your body needs to grow, and heal, and rejuvenate itself. For these reasons, it is necessary to eat a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, meats and/or dairy as part of a healthy balanced diet. This does not include your daily energy drinks and sodas. These are bad.

Examples of nutrition

For losing weight you could replace your carbohydrates with proteins. For example, you should replace your bread with products containing proteins. So instead of a sandwich, eat a peace of pan fried chicken. Also replace your sodas with water. Water is a great way to full fast. And the best thing is that water does not have any calories.

Examples of exercise

Losing weight is not only about good and healthy nutrition. It is also about exercising as I wrote before. Why don't you cycle to work instead of taking the bus or car. Why don't you take the stairs instead of the elevator? The best way to exercise is having fun while doing it. So a team-sport would be great, it is a great way to meet new people. And you will get your weekly exercise.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne

Acne, a term used for zits and blackheads is one of the most common skinproblems. This skin problem affects mostly teenagers and even many grown ups. Acne shows up as white heads, black heads, zits, and painful bumps that look and feel the same like boils. Acne most commonly occurs on the face but can also appear on your back, shoulders, chest, and neck

First of all, there are different types of acne in my opinion and luckily all can be treated successfully. Severe acne requires aggressive treatment on prescription in order to prevent scars. As I formulate, “regular acne”, could be treated at home by washing with a mild cleanser. The big difference between these two types is that the first one leaves scars, and thus should be treated as early as possible in order to prevent a lifetime of low-self-esteem. For treatment of severe acne I suggest you to go to a dermatologist. He or she will most likely prescribe you Roaccutane in Europe or Accutane in the United States. Both are doing the same thing. 

A few tips for “regular acne”:

  1. Put a fresh towel on your pillow every night before you go to sleep. This will prevent bacteria, which cause acne, to return from your pillow on your face again.
  2. Wash your face twice every day with a mild cleanser. Clearasil would do the job. Use warm water, and rub the cleanser gently.
  3. Don’t touch your face. I know it is hard when you have acne, but your hands have a lot of bacteria on them which will cause acne. 
  4. Don’t pop zits or blackheads before you go to work, school or an appointment. Your head will be a volcanic landscape. 
  5. Drink enough water, your skin needs to hydrate. 
  6. Don’t wear hats or caps; this will increase your acne near your hairline. 
  7. Take a shower after working out or after doing sports.
  8. Give acne treatment time to work. Don’t expect results the very next day.

Using water to lose weight

Using water to lose weight

1. Drink enough water. First how to lose weight fast tip is that your body needs a lot of water so give in to water. Water is not just a way to flush out toxin but if you have more water in your body you will feel more healthy and fitter. This will also discourage any tendency to gorge. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all.

2. Begin your morning with a pint of water. As soon as you wake up, choke a glass of cool water. It’s a great way to start your morning and you only need a lesser quantity of your breakfast drink after that. A glass of water lets out all your digestive juices and sort of cleans the insides of your body. You could have your morning glass of tea but have it after a glass of water. It is good for you.

3. Drink some water before you start your meal. Water naturally needs some space in your body so that you feel fuller without having to stuff yourself.

4. Have another glass of water while during your meal. Again this is another great - how to lose weight fast - tip and a way of making yourself full, another great weight loss tip, so that you can actually rise from the dinner table eating less but feeling full just the same.

5. Stay away from sweetened bottle drinks, especially sodas like coke. All those colas and other soda drinks are sweetened with sugar and aspartame and sugar contains lots and lots of calories. The more you can cut out on these sweetened drinks, the better.

10 Tips for better hygiene

10 Tips for better hygiene

These tips are for personal hygiene. In order to look good, to be accepted and to gain more confidence I strongly suggest you to follow these tips!
  1. Take a shower every morning. Don't walke around with the greasy hair look. Wash your hair everyday with shampoo. It is just personal hygiene.
  2. Use soap while showering. Good old fashioned soap makes your body smell good.
  3. Wash your face every day before you go to sleep. It makes your face look good.
  4. Have acne? Put a fresh towel over your pillow every night. It works. Also take 'brewer's yeast tablets' it contains vitamin Bs and these vitamins help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which provide the body with energy. They also support the nervous system, keep skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and liver healthy.
  5. Never grow a mustache, ever. You will look like a truck driver.
  6. Only grow a beard if you can. Wash your beard as often as you can.
  7. If you decide to grow a beard, trim it.
  8. After shaving use a lotion or cream, this will make it less itchy.
  9. Brush your teeth before you go to sleep, and in the morning when you wake up. If you don't want a smelling breath, brush your tongue and use Listerine.
  10. Bad breath during the day? Don't eat chewing gum, just take a smint or some peppermint.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Basic tips to get better with women

10 Basic tips to get better with women

These 10 basic tips will help you to get better with women. These first 10 tips are tips on physical appearance. Some do's and don'ts about how you dress and appear!

  1. Ever been near someone or hugged someone and they told you that you smelled good? No? Invest in some colgone. Not axe deodorant, not old spice spray but some good Eau de Toilette like for instance Georgio Armani or Hugo Boss. Using a transparant deodorant in combination with some good colgogne is better than using way too smelly deodorant.
  2. So tip two would be using a neutral smelling deodorant or anti-transparant. Sweat makes you smell bad. Use deodorant to neutrolize your sweat scent and use cologne to 'just smell nice'. 
  3. On the topic of sweating, if you tend to sweat a lot buy some high quality 100% cotton undershirts. Don't get the thin ones, but the cotton ones that can absorb the sweat. 
  4. If you wear a button up shirt, DO wear an undershirt. 
  5. Buy a nice leather belt. Its a great accesory that makes you look less average or normal.
  6. Don't go with the 'I am a rich guy'-look. Buying Rolexes and jeans of 500$ will attract the wrong type of women. It is also unfair to the poor bastards in Africa. But you SHOULD buy nice clothes. Jeans should be between 80-100$. Shoes should not be more than 100$ either. 
  7. NEVER ever wear a bluetooth earset. It makes you look like a retard.
  8. Do not wear scarves. Unless you are into men.
  9. Have smelly feet? Wash them with soap everyday. Also when you get out of the shower, step on a fresh towel so you won't get the same bacteries on them like you had before.
  10. Never shave your genital area completely. Trimm the upper areas, shave the shaft and balls. Don't look like an uderage kid by shaving everything. Don't look like a fucking monkey by NOT shaving.