Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is THE Alpha-Male

What is the ideal Alpha-Male?

  1. An alpha-male does not look for women's approval. 
  2. He's not arrogant, just self-confident.  
  3. He has this intrinsic self-confidence what makes him feel that you'll like him since other persons do.
  4. He isn't a jerk who rejects and disrespect persons but he acts when he thinks he's right.  
  5. He does not need to answer to anyone in getting what he wants.  
  6. An alpha-male doesn't put women on a ridiculous stand.  
  7. He is convinced that if a lady rejects him, it's  her  loss instead of his. 
  8. He doesn't talk in public about the girls he banged.
  9. An Alpha-Male does NOT say sorry nor points out his behavior, simply because he's entirely confident with the way he is.  
  10. He does not purchase speedy vehicles and rolex wristwatches to make an impression on females because he doesn't have to  try  to make an impression.  


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